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2017 Results

2017 Results

Friday 11th August 2017

1st Race – Dick Mack’s Race
12f Open Championship
1st: Who’s Your Daddy – Mikey Sheehy
2nd: On the Edge – Shane Crosse
3rd: Go Georgie Go – P Egan

2nd Race: Danno’s Bar & Restaurant & Dingle Bay Hotel Race
10f Open Championship
1st: Half Price – Ben Coen
2nd: Athea Jade – Dylan Browne McMonagle
3rd: Last Chance Paddy – Joe Conlon

3rd Race: Sean Cleary Memorial Race
14f Open Championship
1st: I’ve Got It – Dylan Browne McMonagle
2nd: Chasing a Dream – Mikey Sheehy
3rd: Phantom – Jack Gilligan

4th Race: Dingle Whiskey Distillery Race
2m Open Derby
1st: The Poacher – Shane Crosse
2nd: Forgive and Forget – Ross Sugrue
3rd: Call The Guards – Andrew Slattery

5th Race: O’ Flaherty’s Bar, Iasc De Brún Teo, Arkil LTD. Race
1m 148cm Championship
1st: Five Stone of Lead – Dylan Brown McMonagle
2nd: Pacman – Shane Crosse
3rd: Blazing Glory – Ben Coen

6th Race: Dingle Skellig Hotel Plate
1m Open Championship
1st Division
1st: Catch a Dream – Mikey Sheehy
2nd: Dans Your Man – Mikey O’Connor
3rd: Four Penny Road – Shane Crosse

2nd Division
1st: Omega – Ben Coen
2nd: Aideens Dream – Sam Ewing
3rd: Our Souls – C Rabbitte

7th Race: The Ashe’s Hillgrove & Kanon’s Korner Race
1m 153cm Championship
1st: Mr Bud – Ben Coen
2nd: Go For It – Dylan Fitzgerald
3rd: Angel Eyes – Sam Swing

Saturday 12th August 2017

1st Race: Foxy John’s Memorial Race & Perpetulal Cup
12f Open Championship
1st: Let it Go – Dylan Browne McMonagle
2nd: Mr Mac – Joe Dunne
3rd: Wild Wind – Ross Sugrue

2nd Race: Kennedy’s Bar, Iasc Uí Mhathúna & Medowlands Hotel Race
1m Open Championship
1st: Follow a Dream – Mikey Sheehy
2nd: Never Say Never – Dylan Browne McMonagle
3rd: Osaka – Ben Coen

3rd Race: Benner’s Hotel Race
1m 138cm Championship
1st: Hello Star – Mikey O’Connor
2nd: Little Spirit – Brandon Wilkie
3rd: Micky Finn – Sam Ewing

4th Race: Sráid Eoin Race
1st: Pacman – Shane Crosse
2nd: Green Monkey – Ben Coen
3rd: One of the Boys – Joey Sheridan

5th Race: The Guinness Mile & Guinness Cup
1m Open Championship
1st: Half Price – Dylan Browne McMonagle
2nd: Derrys Pride – Nina Simpson
3rd: Man of Steel – Mikey Sheehy

6th Race: The Kingdom Workshop’s Race
10f 143cm Championship
1st: Bubalicious – Dnany Gilligan 2nd: One of the Girls – Jack Gilligan
3rd: Tell the Story – Daniel King

7th Race: Dingle Pub Lady Riders Derby
10f Ladies Open
1st: Good Times Ahead – Jill Robinson
2nd: Movens Boy – Ciara Mannion
3rd: Ive Got It – Nina Simpson

8th Race: Thomas & J. Ashe LTD. Race
10f 15 Hands Derby
1st: Bubba Watson – Mikey Sheehy
2nd: Skys The Limit – Dylan Browne McMonagle
3rd: On The Edge – Shane Crosse

Sunday 13th August 2017

1st Race: Moran’s Ballintaggart Race
Open Horse Race – 1+1/4 Miles
1st: Another Tiger – Conor Walsh
2nd: Just for James – Danny Gilligan
3rd: Templehill Tamara – Mikey Sheehy

2nd Race: Christina Geaney Memorial Race
15 Hands Race
1st: Blazing Glory – Ben Coen
2nd: The Low Road – Mikey Sheehy
3rd: Pacman – Shane Crosse

3rd Race: The Harrington Fish & Chips Restaurant Perpetual Cup
14.2 Hands Pony Race
1st: Athea Jade – Dylan Brown McMonagle
2nd: Dans Your Man – Mikey O’Connor
3rd: Sleepy Lady – Philip Byrnes

4th Race:
12f 153cm Championship
1st: On the Edge – Shane Crosse
2nd: Messi – Dylan Browne McMonagle
3rd: The Sinner – Ben Coen

5th Race: Dawn Milk Dingle Derby
Open Horse Race – 2 Miles
1st: Idas Dream – Sam Ewing
2nd: Mr Bowen – Pat Taaffe
3rd: Lets Go Now – Mikey O’Connor

6th Race: Fitzgerald’s Centra & Homevalue Race & Danny McCarthy Trophy
Open Horse Race – 1 Mile
1st: Banned Substance – Sam Ewing
2nd: Never Say Never – Andrew Slattery
3rd: Follow A Dream – Mikey Sheehy

7th Race: Barr Na Sráide Race & Billy Fitz’ Memorial Cup
Consolation Horse Race – 12f
1st: Make Me – Philip Byrnes
2nd: Mr Mac – Ben Coen
3rd: The Cross of Spancil Hill – Ross Sugrue

8th Race:
Consolation Horse Race – 12f
1st: Ballybrown Boy – Rory King
2nd: Man of Steel – Mikey Sheehy
3rd: The Russian – Michael McGuane