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2019 Results

2019 Results

Friday 9th August 2019

1st Race: 12f 1st: Mr James Sam Ewing
2nd: Will I Am Philip Byrnes
3rd: Moving Boy Dara McGill

2nd Race: 10f
1st: Bipolar Blondie Sam Ewing
2nd: Man Of Steel Daniel King
3rd: Not Now Ned Brian Barry

3rd Race: 14f
1st: Remember Me Dylan Browne McMonagle
2nd: Stand By Me Philip Byrnes
3rd: Ida’s Dream Sam Ewing

4th Race: Derby Trial
1st: Another Legend Daniel King
2nd: The Boss Gearoid Brouder
3rd: Tell You Something Sam Ewing

5th Race: 14.2
1st: Suzie Q Sam Ewing
2nd: 5 Stone Of Lead Dylan Browne McMonagle
3rd: It’s Father Ted Julie McDonald

6th Race: Open Mile
Div 1
1st: Seven Up Archie Young
2nd: Bubba Watson Daniel King
3rd: Our Souls Jake Coen

6th Race: Open Mile
Div 2
1st: Call The FBI Conor Stone- Walsh
2nd: Misses Mac Ollie Gilligan
3rd: Pack Your Bags Brandon Wilkie

7th Race: 15hh
1st: Baby Browne Dylan Browne McMonagle
2nd: Cali Cartel Daniel King
3rd: Shotgun Robert Whearty

Saturday 10th August 2019

1st Race: Open Horse Race 12f
1st: Mr James Sam Ewing
2nd: Tiger Mac Ollie Gilligan
3rd: Let It Go Dylan Browne McMonagle

2nd Race: Button Mile
1st: Who Knows Philip Byrnes
2nd: Back In Town Sam Ewing
3rd: Our Souls Jake Coen

3rd Race: 13.2hh
1st: Little Mamie Sam Ewing
2nd: The Sinful Man Kian (Tubs) McNally
3rd: Little Spirit Brandon Wilkie

4th Race: 14.2hh
1st: 5 Stone Of Lead Dylan Browne McMonagle
2nd: Waratah Sam Ewing
3rd: Harper’s Pet Sean Clearly

5th Race: Golden Mile
1st: Keeper’s Hill Sam Ewing
2nd: Cali Cartel Gearoid Brouder
3rd: Pack Your Bags Jake Coen

6th Race: 14hh
1st: Unhinged Dylan Browne Mc Monagle
2nd: Carrig Ava Dylan O Connor
3rd: Hello Star Ed Vaughan

7th Race: Ladies Derby
1st: Tonic Springs Ava Sugrue
2nd: Bipolar Blondie Michelle De Sousa
3rd: Storm Force Stacey Kidd

8th Race: 15hh Derby
1st: Mr Balboa Daniel King
2nd: Peaky Blinders Sam Ewing
3rd: Thunder Storm Dylan Browne McMonagle

Sunday 11th August 2019

1st Race: Open Horse Race 10f
1st: Way Up North Philip Byrnes
2nd: Man Of Steel Gearoid Brouder
3rd: Bipolar Blondie Dylan Browne McMonagle

2nd Race: 15hh 12f
1st: Undercover Philip Byrnes
2nd: Sky’s The Limit Dylan Browne McMonagle
3rd: Mr Balboa Daniel King

3rd Race: 14.2hh 10f
1st: Harper’s Pet Sean Cleary
2nd: Waratah Sam Ewing
3rd: 5 Stone Of Lead Dylan Browne McMonagle

4th Race: 12.2hh
1st: Little Maxie Zack Kent
2nd: South Of The Border Conor Stone-Walsh
3rd: Little Miki Finn Brickley

5th Race: Dawn Milk Dingle Derby
1st: Ciderman Ed Vaughan
2nd: Remember Me John Mulvihill
3rd: Mr Bowen Philip Byrnes
4th: Bubba Watson Daniel King

6th Race: Open Horse Race 1Mile
Div 1
1st All-Star Daniel King
2nd Under Pressure Sam Ewing
3rd Wise Words Conor Stone-Walsh

Div 2
1st Who Knows Philip Byrnes
2nd Back In Town Sam Ewing
3rd Ballyhacket Boy Paul McGill

7th Race: Consolation 12F
Div 1
1st. West Boots. Sam Ewing
2nd. Not Now Ned. Brian Barry
3rd. Watch Out Ted. Gearoid Brouder.

Div 2
1st. The Boss. Gearoid Brouder
2nd. Movines Boy. Darragh McGill
3rd. Stand By Me. Philip Byrnes.